Kyle Allen is Perhaps the Most Flexible Actor in Hollywood

SPRING INTO ACTION. Kyle Allen from “The Path” raves about everything from acting challenges to ballet to cuttlefish


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Before he went into acting, Kyle Allen trained in classical ballet, and before that he was an acrobat. This part of his background certainly shows in some of the photos in this article. Today, though, he’s made a strong foothold in Hollywood and continues to make great strides forward. As testament to his acting chops—and acknowledgement of those skills—he made a big splash in Hulu’s drama series “The Path,” which already had quite a few big names in it, namely Hugh Dancy and Aaron Paul. For sure, Allen has a lot going on for him, from his looks and talents to his quirky sense of humor.

DA MAN: Hi, Kyle. So, season two of your TV show “The Path” has started airing. Can you give us a brief rundown of the show?
Kyle Allen: A brief rundown seems impossible, but I’ll give it a go anyway. Eddie and Sarah live on a cult compound with their children Hawk (Allen’s character) and Summer. As well as the slightly estranged cult leader Cal Roberts, there’s Abe the FBI agent, there’s a shaman, a snake, a drug addict, a football player, a dead guy who might be dead but also might not be dead … and it’s probably really important to mention that there’s a whole bunch of sex. Like, way too much. And copious amounts of green juice and strange religious practices.


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DA MAN: For those who are unfamiliar with the show, what would be the best reason to start following “The Path” ?
Kyle Allen: Well, for starters, all ten episodes of season one are available on Hulu. So, by the time you’ve binged your way through those, you’ll get to jump right into season two—thusly experiencing “The Path” in a way no other follower can imagine. I predict that this dose of Meyerism (the show’s fictional New Age faith) will cause you to discover your ability to hover six inches above the ground ceaselessly. Take it or leave it.

DA MAN: Now, “The Path” deals with some heavy—sometimes touchy—issues. Did you have any worries about how the show would be received when you first came on board?
Kyle Allen: I think that if you start a project and it feels completely comfortable for you, then it isn’t the right project for you. I agree that it’s a touchy theme and has the potential to be offensive to people, but I don’t think anything in life moves forward without opposition. Entertainment is no different. I’m grateful to be a part of something that has the potential to start a conversation.

DA MAN: What was it like getting into the shoes of your character?
Kyle Allen: Always slightly uncomfortable. Hawk can’t really catch a break. Every time he finds something he can depend on, it gets stripped away and he is forced to question his entire foundation. He has to grow up incredibly fast on a spiritual level, which is hard for him and hard for me, as those emotional places of questioning your beliefs and your life have always made my skin crawl.


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