Know-How: The Right Way to Wear Pleats

OLDIE BUT GOODIE. With its new and updated form this season, pleated pants can easily sneak itself into just about any occasion


Pleats are creases along the front of a pair of pants and there’s usually two to a side. Pleated pants are often considered old-fashioned, but they made quite a surprising comeback this season. Of course, these new crop of pleated pants are much subtler and slimmer than their predecessors.



Saint Laurent



Dries Van Noten


Paired with a nice shirt, pleated pants can feel right at home in office spaces with a more casual—but still professional—dress code.

Shirt by Diesel, pants by Vince, clutch by Braun Buffel, shoes by Mario Minardi


While not as casual as, say, jeans, pleated pants can easily be paired with T-shirts and sneakers for a more preppy street look.

T-shirt and beanie by Ben Sherman, pants by Vince, shoes by Pedro


As seen on this season’s major runways, pleated pants go together swimmingly with most outerwear options as temperatures take a sharp dip.

Sweater by Massimo Dutti, coat by John Varvatos, pants by Vince, shoes by Mario Minardi


• Upsize Me
These pants are perfect for those with big legs and big waists, as the front pleats create a nice elongated effect that make the wearer appear slimmer.
• Dress Up
If you want to dress up your favorite T-shirt and sneakers combo, a pair of pleated pants is the perfect option to do so.
• Belt Up
To give it the best possible definition, pleated pants need a good belt.


• Stay in the Sixties
Don’t use your grandpa’s old pleated pants but invest in the current, updated versions with slimmer cuts and tapered fits.
• Settle for One
A good pair of pleated pants has two pleats. Consider it the bare minimum.
• Let it Down
While you can get away with, say, jeans bunched up at the bottom, pleated pants need to be at the proper length, i.e. reaching your ankles.