Know-How: Sport a Baseball Shirt the Right Way

PLAYBALL. Undeniably sporty but comfortably casual, a baseball shirt is a perfect addition to any daily get up


When it comes to day-to-day sportswear, the most recognizable piece of apparel after football and basketball jerseys is the baseball shirt. Now a staple menswear trend, a baseball shirt can inject a heavy dose of casual vibes and strong sporty feel to your style.


Astrid Andersen

Louise Vuitton X Supreme

Off the Field

These shirts look just as well on the baseball diamond as they do on the streets during a laidback night out.

Baseball shirt and T-shirt byCalvin Klein, jeans by Diesel, shoes by Mario Minardi

Short and simple

Especially in warmer climates, the baseball shirt goes hand-inhand with shorts and sandals.

Baseball shirt and shorts by CK Calvin Klein, sandals by Pedro

On top

Keep your layering game fresh by utilizing the baseball shirt as a light outerwear option.

Baseball shirt by CK Calvin Klein, sunglasses by Lanvin at Optik Melawai,
sweater by Diesel, pants by Ben Sherman, shoes by Pedro


Pair ’em with shorts
baseball-style button-down shirts go very well with shorts. denim shorts or chinos will do great. Style it with sneakers or sandals for an even more relaxed look.
As outerwear
buttoned-up or left open, this type of shirt looks great for layering. Wear it with long sleeve sweatshirts, t-shirts or a simple tank top.
• Bigger is better
Oversized baseball shirts give you an opportunity to play around with different silhouettes and proportions.


Tuck them in
baseball players do tuck in their uniforms while they’re on the field, but for everyday wear, don’t do it.
Attend anything formal
this is obviously a very casual and sporty outfit that belongs far away from formal and solemn occasions.
Sport jerseys in general are, unsurprisingly, are quite expensive. but the quality drop (and moral burden) of counterfeit baseball shirts aren’t worth it.

Photograpy Haruns Maharbina
Styling Peter Zewet
Grooming Arimbi
Model Adam Dawda/TMA Model, Hugo Enorio/E Models, Michael Kaszynski/ F-Models International