Know How: Cropped Coat

STYLISH SHORTCUT – Cropped coats are becoming increasingly popular. While the classic version drops down to at least the knee, a cropped coat will fall just below the belt line, making it much more practical and more versatile for any occasion.

From L to R: Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss

The Rules


  • These coats can really elevate casual outfits and complement formal getups.
  • Make sure your coat fits perfectly. Be mindful of how you will be wearing it. For example, if you will wear it over a three piece suit you may need to size up.
  • A cropped coat is still a classic coat. Therefore, you should definitely stick to classic colors like beige, black or khaki.



  • There are cropped coats with zippers. Avoid them at all costs. Leave zippers to more functional and sporty coats and stick to buttons.
  • As with other classic outerwear types, simple and elegant silhouettes are best.
  • A regular coat can still look okay over a stack of other outerwear pieces like jackets and sweaters. With a cropped coat, best keep your outfit lean.


The Looks

A cropped coat can easily elevate any casual look during the colder days of the year.
Polo shirt by Ted Baker, coat by Burberry, pants by Tommy Hilfiger, shoes by Aldo

Coats are the quintessential fall outerwear, and is the perfect go-to item for mixing and matching with other seasonal staples like scarves.
Sweater, pants and shawl by Mango Man, coat by Burberry, shoes by Pedro, sunglasses by Lanvin available at Optik Melawai

ON DUTY (right)
In its natural habitat—that is, formal outfits—a cropped coat creates a sense of sophistication and class.
Shirt and tie by Massimo Dutti, coat by Burberry, pants by Ted Baker, shoes by Mario Minardi, bag by Tumi