Kérastase Hair-Loss Solutions

The advanced technology behind these Kérastase’s products lets hair loss and baldness get out of your hair in an instant.


While it always comes as an unwanted surprise, hair loss can be controlled thanks to advanced medical technology. Hair loss in a man (or woman) can be caused by numerous factors including your DNA, stress, bacteria, age, neglected scalp health and other things.

Now, with Kérastase‘s revolutionary treatment, hair loss may be significantly prevented. Introducing three new products in conjunction with the widely successful Aminexil GL, Bain Prévention GL, Soin Densitive GL and Stimuliste, specially formulated for both soft and thick hair. It stimulates the scalp to give volume, boosting micro-circulation and adding texture to the lengths.

Bain Prévention GL and Soin Densitive GL

Aminexil GL