Kenzo-Pace: The second release of Nigo’s debut sneakers is here to impress

The sneakers bring forth fashion-forward design while maintaining their functionality for everyday essential wear

Following the buzzing release of Kenzo-Dome, Kenzo recently unveiled the second edition of Nigo’s debut sneakers for the house. Named Kenzo-Pace, the sneakers are sure to impress fans of the brand and sneakerheads in general. Living up to its name, Kenzo-Pace is a highly technical, aerodynamic shoe that revisits the running shoe’s aesthetic and then polished with an edgy twist.

Compared to the first edition that boasted a minimalistic design, the Kenzo-Pace presents a sporty look. To complement this style, Kenzo worked with a specialist factory in Vietnam to ensure that the shoes excel in both quality and technique. Highlights of the design include the polyurethane upper that is combined with a woven mesh for optimal resilience. What further sets the Kenzo-Pace apart from other stylish pairs is that it has shock-absorbing and lightweight features for extra comfort. 

The shoe is also punctuated by reflective logo detailing and contrasting graphics on the outer sole. The latter pays homage to the house’s emblematic tiger and bridges the dynamic verve between technical expertise and animal agility. Kenzo-Pace is available in various palettes, from all-black, to all-white and silver and white, as well as the dynamic combination of blue and black, starting this September.