Kellan Lutz Talks “Twilight” and His Foray Into Fashion

Cool it down this summer just like superstar actor and one of the icons of the Twilight series—as Emmett Cullen. He’s also keeping it cool as the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear as well as a really hip, down-to-earth chap who loves his family and dogs


You may know him from the Twilight series or Generation Kill, or as one of the early casualties of the latest version of A Nightmare on Elm Street, but be prepared to see lots more of Kellan Lutz in some amazing movies over the next several months.

DA MAN: Tell us about Twilight: Eclipse.
Kellan Lutz:
Eclipse comes out June 30, and I’m really excited for that. I actually did a lot of hard work, which I enjoy. But it’s great. All these movies, they’ve been growing and growing with more excitement. They’ve always been romantic with that love sense, but the third one has even more action. That’s my style. It’s a great movie because it has everything. Everything for the guys, the girls.

DA MAN: So will we see you in action?
Kellan Lutz:
Yes, finally. You read these books and you can’t wait to do some of the cool stuff. For myself, I read all four of the Twilight books as soon as I could and then I was so excited to get to Eclipse. You never know if you are going to make it that far. It’s up to the fans if they want to see the sequel, or see the second book, on the big screen. I’m just glad we made it this far. I love my character. I love this franchise.

DA MAN: When you first took on your Twilight role, did you think it was going to be a huge hit?
Kellan Lutz:
Not at all. When I first read the script, I didn’t know it was based on a book, so I thought ‘this is a cool story.’ It was real lovey-dovey, but with vampires. I normally was accustomed to seeing vampires always depicted as the evil ones. But this is probably one of the first times where I’ve seen them depicted as the really good guys. But I loved it. I fell in love with it, with my character especially. And when we started shooting it, by then I’d realized it was a very popular book and I read it, but it didn’t really hit us that we were really part of something until the fans came out, until they found out where we were shooting and really showed support. Then, the day of our first premiere for Twilight—if you put all the premieres together that I’ve ever been a part of, they do not add up to what we experienced for the first Twilight. I’ve done a bunch of films, but when you get out of your car you’re just like dumbfounded. These fans really embrace it and they are so loving. They scream your name and you’re like ‘aaah what do I do?’ But they are amazing.

DA MAN: How has your life changed since the success of Twilight … the paparazzi, the tabloids?
Kellan Lutz:
You know it’s really funny because … It hasn’t really changed my life as Kellan outside of acting. I still hang out with my dogs. I still go to the same places and shop. It’s funny, maybe I have to make sure I’m wearing the same color socks or the same shoes or I don’t look like a bum … But really the only thing that has changed is the fans are great, we have more fans. The paparazzi are more annoying and we’re in these tabloids, not for good deeds that we’re doing. They are just outside your house waiting for you to go to the gas station or go walk your dog to the park, which I do almost every day when I’m [home in L.A.]. So it’s nothing new, but it’s really opened up doors for us as actors. It’s really been a golden ticket, in a way. I think every actor who is new or making a name for themselves—or on that journey—really strives for that. It’s really been a dream project. This has allowed me to have many new experiences. The Twilight conventions are amazing. It’s great to meet the fans in different cities.

DA MAN: Twilight conventions?
Kellan Lutz:
Yep, Twilight conventions. I’ve gone from Australia to London to Middle America—I’m from the Midwest, born in North Dakota and raised all over and landed in Arizona—so it’s great to go to places where the fans are. And the fans are everywhere. It’s great when you come to their smaller town versus the big places like New York, Boston or Chicago. So I really like those. I like seeing new cities that I’ve never been to. But it’s really opened up doors for other projects. I know where I want to be five years from now, 10 years from now and I have a great [support] team, so it’s great to be able to read scripts and say yes or no as opposed to: ‘Can I read that script, can I? Can you get me that script? Can I go out on [an audition for] that?’ It’s kind of a new platform that we’ve reached.

DA MAN: Any new projects in the pipeline?
Kellan Lutz:
I finished shooting A Nightmare on Elm Street [which hit theaters in early May 2010], which was great. It features Jackie Earle Haley. Working with the Platinum Dunes production company and director Sam Bayer was awesome to work with, such a fun guy. And it’s a [Producer] Michael Bay film. And it’s Freddy Krueger, which is great! There is also Meskada, which is a great crime investigation-type of movie—a real crime drama. That had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival [in late April 2010 and will hit theaters worldwide later in 2010 or 2011]. Then, there are these three movies that I’m working on or going to be working on—I’m going to be really busy. Love, Wedding Marriage, which will have me along with Mandy Moore, James Brolin, Kathy Bates … and Dermot Mulroney is directing. Great cast, great director, great producers, I’m really happy for that one to go. Then there is Dawn of War, or it might be called The Immortals, which Tarsem Singh is directing, who is one of my favorite directors ever. He did The Fall and The Cell. I’ve always been obsessed with his movies, he’s quite visionary. And I play Poseidon in this movie. It’s about Theseus, played by Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto’s in it, Isabel Lucas, Mickey Rourke … a lot of great actors. This is like a dream cast for me to be a part of and I play the water god. I’ve always been obsessed with water. I’m a Pisces at heart, since March 15 is my birthday, and I just love to swim. So, to audition and get the role Poseidon … It’s just so visionary, it’s such a great script and it’s one of those that I’ve been after for a while. Again, I love Twilight because it’s allowed us to step it up and get to this new platform.


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