Keeping Up with the Holiday Spirit in Dockers’ New Smart 360 Flex and Supreme Flex

The Holiday season has arrived! With lots of places to go, family and closest friends to meet, keep up the schedule with super comfortable outfits from Dockers’ latest style additions in Smart 360 Flex and Supreme Flex ultimate capsule collection.

Innovation at the Dockers brand is continuing forward, prioritizing the stretch and comfort that he loves. Unstoppable and always ready. This fall/winter 2019, Dockers released new style additions from its Smart 360 Flex and Supreme Flex ultimate capsule collection.

Smart 360 Flex

Smart 360 Flex has new style details, prints, patterns and color, all with first-class fabrics: This fall, Smart 360 Flex gets a bold and confident re-launch, representing a new era in khaki-comfort that’s now available from head-to-toe; 4-way stretch means he can take on anything, anywhere, anytime. For the movers and modern hustlers, Smart 360 Flex is the most comfortable fabric innovation that you didn’t know you needed. Whether in a casual or refined look, comfort means that he will be always ready.


Supreme Flex

The Dockers brand khaki evolution continues this season with the expansion of Supreme Flex. Strengthening its profile as the flexibility leader, Supreme Flex offers premium stretch and fast, maximum recovery. Pants include the favorite Alpha Khaki and Alpha Jean Cut and a range of tops including long sleeve and short sleeve washed shirts. With Supreme Flex there are no boundaries. Period.

Dockers as he Ultimate Khaki Pants Brand

The Dockers brand has been the authority in khaki pants for more than 30 years. First introduced in 1986 in San Francisco, California, this American classic has been at the heart of the casual movement providing men with quality products for every occasion. Dockers thoughtful innovations and meaningful details have always served a purpose, not a trend. Today, the Dockers brand continues to be America’s favorite khaki and offers a wide range of apparel and accessories with no compromises in quality – always superior comfort and versatile style.