Keep Fit on the Inside

Approximately 10 percent of your actual fitness, or well-being, is projected externally, and that means some 90 percent of true health is largely unseen, as it is internal. By Gavin Watterson

Looking fit and the health aspects that people can actually see, or are aware of, is rather like an iceberg in many ways. Internal health, which is beneath the surface, cannot be seen. Only what you project to the world can really be seen.

The outer, or external, health that you project may not necessarily represent your true health. Internal (cellular) health, or “true” health, and how your body is functioning, is undoubtedly the most crucial. This is based on combinations of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, whether under your control or not.

Under the surface

This is attributed to how you live your life and the things that go into your body and how much exercise you get. All of those things have a direct bearing on how healthy (or toxic) your body is, both mentally and physically. If you imagine an iceberg with 90 percent of it under water, that is a good representation of the state of general health. Signs and symptoms typically stem from what is going on under the surface.

These symptoms, such as the health of one’s cells, organs or glands cannot always be seen with the naked eye.

An example could be if the liver becomes overloaded or too stressed; rather than metabolising compounds in order that toxins are shuttled via the urine and feces.

Due to inefficiencies and over-stressing caused from too many pollutants, these toxins may, in fact, come out another way, via preventable dermatological conditions such as acne, boils, spots, rashes and blemishes (allergies and intolerances can also trigger similar symptoms). In some cases, this can be down to hormonal imbalances, too.

In any case, it is a sign of an imbalance in the body. Most skin conditions can be prevented if one cleans up their diet and eats the right types of foods. People largely choose to cover up their lack of health by rubbing on some kind of cream or lotion or makeup, rather than addressing the root cause of the problem—your diet!

Clear skin

The only thing you are doing with such artificial creams and makeup, is masking the symptoms. The question is this: Why do you have spots or bad skin in the first place? Up to 90 percent of poor health can be improved by simply eating correctly for your body type, while taking in the right nutrients and making better or healthier lifestyle choices.

To attain optimal health (homeostasis) and balance, you must consider the implications of your actions. Choose healthier options over unhealthy ones. This is not just foods, but literally everything you come into contact with.

This may seem a little trivial or of less importance to some, but understand that once you get your system restored, improve health and wellness follow. You will, over time, get healthier and healthier as time goes on if you choose to make the right choices. The great thing is that when health improves significantly, you can be a bit more lenient without such a completely strict regime. This means you can start to enjoy life again by having a little bit of what you fancy now and then.

Stay disciplined

It’s all about give and take, or getting the balance of things right. Are you one of those people who hates being strict just for the sake of health and well-being? Here is some very good news for you.

Being disciplined with nutrition, training and lifestyle, at least 80 percent of the time, allows you leeway to enjoy yourself the other 20 percent of the time without undue concerns. Obviously, this does not mean binging on alcohol, sweets or drugs.

Rather, it means you are able to consume what you like in moderation as a treat on a special “cheat” day. If you maintain a good diet six days of the week (and exercise regularly), on the seventh day (without going overboard) you can go enjoy what you like.

Have some chocolate or ice cream or whatever you want, because you have earned it! Then, the next day you are straight back into your healthy regime again; it’s all about the balance.

Yin and Yang

If you give your body what it requires most of the time, it functions better and you can actually get away with being bad at times. All work and no play will make jack a dull boy. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

But a little bit of what is bad can often do you good. This is what the Yin and Yang philosophy is all about, learning how to balance things in your life in order to promote greater health and wellness from within. The key to being content is moderation, not excess. There are obsessive people in the world, but are they happy?

Learn to control overriding compulsions your body does not really want, or indeed need. Save it for your cheat day. Cravings are always a result of not eating the right types of foods in the correct ratios in the first place. You get them because you are not satisfied or something was missing from the last meal you ate. Food is the best antidote for optimal wellness. Eating correctly for your body type ensures that you can go between meals without the need, or indeed desire, for a snack.

Why? Because you ate the right things, which both filled you up and satisfied your nutrient needs. Consuming the correct ratio of proteins, carbs and fats for your body type does this.

I will mention it again: check out Metabolic Typing to find out more about individual nutritional requirements. Make sure you don’t go too long without eating as your blood sugar drops and you may fall victim to binging or snacking. To prevent this from happening, plan ahead and take a bag of nuts or fruit with you.

That way, you should never get caught out having to eat junk food. Remember you are what you eat!

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Gavin Watterson is a “Lifestyle Consultant,” a new breed of advanced personal trainer. Look for his highly anticipated new book entitled Reboot Your Bod, which will be available on his website at Ultimate Fitness Singapore.