Katharine McPhee Still Has Her Sting


_FEATURE INT CELEB_Katharine McPhee l’agent by agent Provocateur_DPS_2
Outfit by L’Agent by Agent Provocateur


DA M AN: Of course, most people still know you first and foremost from the fifth season of “American Idol.” One decade, four albums and nine singles later, what is it that you remember the most from your days on “Idol”?
Katharine McPhee: We were so busy doing interviews, fittings, rehearsals and song selections that it was like living in a bubble. It was a true crash course on what your life can become when you start working in this industry. The pace of “Idol” was not much different from the pace and demands of being on “Smash.” It’s a great learning platform. I look back and realize how little I knew.

DA MAN: Season 15, which is currently airing, will be the final season of “American Idol.” How does that make you feel?
Katharine McPhee: When my season was over all those years ago, I was sad to say goodbye to all the people I’d spent four to five months with. The show has had an incredible run and done incredible things for people, but everything has a beginning and an end.


_FEATURE INT CELEB_Katharine McPhee in A.Moss DPS_3
Jumpsuit by A.Moss


DA MAN: By the way, several years ago you made a new version of your song “Terrified” where you dueted with Zachary Levi. What was the story behind this collaboration?
Katharine McPhee: My collaboration with Zack Levi was because of a mutual friend who was directing a lot of behind-the-scenes videos for me. I was a fan of his work and was so excited to collaborate with him.

DA MAN: Do you think you’ll be doing more collaborations in the years to come?
Katharine McPhee: I’m always open to collaborations. Hopefully, different projects in the future will open themselves up to me.

DA MAN: Outside of singing, acting and giving back through charity, what else are you passionate about right now?
Katharine McPhee: I’m a bit of a foodie, so I love trying new restaurants around the city I live in. I love to see films and I’m a bit of a homebody. I love having friends over and entertaining.

DA MAN: If you could give one piece of advice to all the aspiring musicians, singers and actors out there who look up to you, what would it be?
Katharine McPhee: My advice would be persistence. Find people who believe in you and who will help you stay strong, and remind you to believe in yourself when you are feeling down. It’s a hard business. You have to love every part of it.



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Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Styling Alexa Rangroummith Green
Makeup Jeffrey Baum at Jed root using Laura Mercier
Hairdo Derek Williams at the Wall group using Oribe
Styling assistants Kirsti Schroder and Jennifer Wang
Casting Jonathan Clay Harris (jonathanclayharris.com)


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