Kanye West to Launch Yeezy Jewelry

NEW KIND OF BLING. Kanye West’s Yeezy season four will feature his first ever jewelry collection, meant to represent timeless love

Far from the massive golden chain bling expected to be showcased by a hip-hop star like Kanye West, the musical/fashion mogul’s first endeavor into creating jewelry features a 12-piece collection comprised of gold chains and rings, drawing inspiration from the 14th-century Florentine art. Each design carries a similar heirloom look and feel, giving it an appearance of an ancient artifact.

The jewelry collection happens to be a collaboration between Yeezy and Jacob & Company’s Jacob Arabo a.k.a. Jacob the Jeweler. The price range for the collection is said to retail for between $1,530 to $ 13,360.

What many may not realize is that apparently Kanye West has been using his wife Kim Kardashian-West to secretly promote this latest jewelry collection. The voluptuous reality-TV star has been seen flaunting a number of the necklaces and rings from the collection in public and even on her hit reality show. The jewelry collection’s most notable appearance was during the VMA’s last year where the golden chains and pendants can be seen being worn around Kim’s neck.

In a statement with Vogue, Kanye West has said, “I wanted to create something that represented timeless love.” With that, we can assume that the collection was essentially designed for his wife before considering it to become his next business venture.