John Hardy Presents Its Spring 2020 Collection

The Bali based artisanal handcrafted jewelry brand is back with new and exciting creations.

John Hardy is all about creating handcrafted jewelry that would last a lifetime. Each piece is handmade by artisans with extraordinary skill in Bali. For spring 2020 , John Hardy is pleased to present its newest collection from Creative Director Hollie Bonneville Barden. It is inspired by the brand’s Balinese roots and guided by the time-honored techniques and artistic legacies that birthed the brand.

“There is a wild elegance which exists at the moment where natural drama collides with pure beauty. These creative forces meet in a crescendo and duality of art and alchemy,” says Barden.

First up is the Naga collection, which is inspired by the majestic Naga dragon. This is a unisex collection and offers an assortment of bracelets, necklaces and rings. Design-wise, it features an infinite circle and double headed Naga as a symbol of prosperity, love and protection. This collection is available in sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, black sapphire and woven leather.

The men’s collection continues John Hardy’s philosophy of mixing and layering with bold chains showcased in a combination of woven leather, mixed metals and stones—from tiger iron to black onyx. The Asli collection, takes a more angular, geometric approach. This theme is showcased across necklaces, signet rings and woven leather bracelets.  And to celebrate the popularity of the box chain of the John Hardy man, this season’s collection also includes sterling silver, bronze and blackened silver to create vivid contrasts and timeless appeal.