John Hardy Presents A New Iteration Of Chains In the Rata Collection

Inspired by the jeweler’s archives, the Rata collection from John Hardy’s Fall 2021 lineup showcases a new iteration of chains

A heritage revival collection, it takes the traditional concept of showpiece jewelry into new, avant-garde territory, with an emphasis on sustainable precious metals matched by a clean, pure and unified silhouettes. Rata, which translates to “ at” or “smooth” in Balinese, is an intricately woven planar weave with a textile-inspired silhouette.

Rata’s uninterrupted silhouette is tailored for a next-to-skin fit, featuring powerfully tactile ribbons of chains, and punctuated by subtle twists and gorgeous braided details. The design is impeccable, integrated and seamless, with forking, multi-row forms that fluidly diverge and converge again. Each piece is woven, stretched and hammered by hand into unbroken ribbons that are both fluid and strong. The touches of reticulated texture add raw, rough-hewn contrast to this exquisite collection.