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Green accessories

Companies of the world should take their cues from John Hardy Jewelry.

One of the first to have taken a stance against environmental damage, the company holds firmly to their “greener every day” vow, offsetting carbon emissions from their print advertising, business travel and electricity by cultivating bamboo on Nusa Penida, an islet off Bali.

“When we take care of the environment, we’re taking care of the world’s future, so it’s important for us,” says John Hardy creative director and head designer Guy Bedarida.

Guy Bedarida has some valuable tips on accessorizing

With the company deeply rooted in and surrounded by nature, preserving the environment also means ensuring the company’s continuity.

In the John Hardy compound in Mambal, Bali, under thatched roofs held up by thousands of bamboo poles from which he draws inspiration, Bedarida sketches exquisite jewelry to be handcrafted by more than 600 artisans and then sold all around the world in places like Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Isetan, Le Bon Marche and others.

Yet Bedarida gives due credit to his Balinese artisans for the company’s success. “I could never do it without their expertise and their dedication to art,” he says. “We’ve proven that luxury jewelry brands don’t only come from Europe, but also from a small island like Bali.

It makes us very proud.” Here’s hoping that the flagship boutique Guy hinted at will be opening soon. “Balinese men have been wearing jewelry and trinkets for centuries; it adds novelty and power to an outfit,” Guy says, and here he shares his top five styling tips:

Tip #1 – For those new to wearing jewelry, start with classic cuff links or bracelets, which are comfortable and easy to wear. Try leather for daytime and metals for the evening.

Tip #2 – Always avoid the total look; wear different brands and designers in one outfit to keep from looking boring and stuffy (e.g., Thom Browne suit with Lanvin sneakers).

Tip #3 – Wear white. It’s cooler and fresher to wear in tropical places like Bali and Jakarta, plus it goes with absolutely everything, from bright shirts to fancy jewelry.

Tip #4 – Experiment with bright colors to make your outfit more eye-catching. Remember that there is no ugly color; it just depends on how you put shades together.

Tip #5 Mix the everyday with the exquisite; wear basic jeans and shirts paired with fabulous bejeweled cuff links—relaxed, but very classy!

Cuff links from the NAGA collection

The dog tag pendant on chain necklace from the BAMBOO collection

DA MAN recommends:

1. Bedeg Woven Square Ring

2. Naga Gold and Silver Crown Kick Cuff

3. Bamboo Black Woven Leather Dog Tag Pendant on Chain Necklace

4. Naga Silver and Natural Wood Rectangular Cuff links with Dragon Accent

5. Kali Lava Sterling Silver Barrel Kick Cuff with Black Sapphire

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