Jockey Underwear’s Campaign with Real People is Heartwarming

For underwear brands, it’s probably “easier” to go the sexy route when it comes to marketing their products. That’s why there’s something admirable about Jockey’s decision to pick the road not taken instead


Jockey Show Em What's Underneath Campaign Chris Van Etten
Chris Van Etten


The brand’s newly released “Show ‘Em What’s Underneath” campaign consists of a series of photographs and videos starring three real, non-model people. There’s nothing sexualized about them, and it’s quite refreshing to see.

As Matthew Waller, Jockey’s senior manager of corporate communications and brand partnerships, says, “The ‘Show ‘Em What’s Underneath’ campaign encourages everyone to be comfortable with themselves–imperfections and all.”

To show that, the brand casts Chris Van Etten, a U.S. Marine veteran, who lost his legs in Afghanistan. “…For [Jockey] to give me the platform to tell my story and perhaps inspire others to take life’s challenges head on, it’s a tremendous opportunity,” he comments.



Also featured in the campaign is newly adoptive father Michael Cottone and female firefighter Lisa Cusimano.


Jockey Show Em What's Underneath Campaign Michael Cottone
Michael Cottone


Jockey Show Em What's Underneath Campaign Lisa Cusimano
Lisa Cusimano


Watch their stories below.