Ji Chang-wook Talks Showbiz Life with DA MAN

SMILING ALL THE WAY. K-drama superstar Ji Chang-wook showcases the finer points of his dashing style with a helping hand from Dunhill London’s suave designs



Ji Chang Wook in Alfred Dunhill London Exclusive Interview DA MAN_1-2
Beige checked jacket; cotton checked shirt; olive wool checked trousers; polka dot tie; geometric cotton pocket square; suede and leather driver shoes with tassels details.
All by Dunhill London.



One of these days, we might just see a movie, or at least a TV series, based on the life and career of Korean drama star Ji Chang-wook.

Surely, it would be just as captivating and profound as any of the fictional roles he’s played. Well, maybe not as exciting as his portrayal of legendary swordsman and folk hero Baek Dong-soo in the critically acclaimed “Warrior Baek Dong-soo,” but definitely more than on par with his fictional adventures in popular dramas like “Smile again,” “Empress Ki” and the immensely popular “Healer.”

Before landing a minor role in the 2006 movie “Days…” Ji Chang-wook was a struggling stage actor. Then came his “proper” acting debut in 2008’s “Sleeping Beauty” and his launch into stardom with hit family drama “My Too Perfect Sons” a year later. While fortune certainly smiled on him all the way, he never shirked from taking on actual challenges, such as when he underwent rigorous ice-skating training for his first starring role in “Smile again.” And apparently, he’s never really left musical theater behind, as evident in his appearance in “The Days”—basically South Korea’s “Mamma Mia” but based on the songs of the late great rock singer Kim Kwang-seok.

This year, the young actor will star in the joint Chinese-South Korean production “My Male God” (aka “Mr. Right”), probably report for mandatory military service (as is expected from every able-bodied male in the country) and maybe pop up in even more fashion events. Yes, like many of his peers, Ji Chang-wook has become a bit of a fashion connoisseur and icon—as you can see in these very pages. And, of course, there’s plenty more to tell about this K-drama superstar, as you can find below from the man himself.


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