Jason Basmajian Set to Change Cerruti 1881

Jason Basmajian

 The “Camo-Foliage” pattern on a blazer and T-shirt

DA MAN: Workwear accents, such as the big pockets in the suit pants, seem to be a pretty daring addition in your collection. Does this represent the present or the future of menswear?
Jason Basmajian: I feel it’s about clothes that are familiar and comfortable. Details and proportions can add a new perspective on favorite wardrobe pieces.

Jason Basmajian

Models wearing casual pieces, including the denim looks

DA MAN: New variants of high-quality fabrics are said to be the “hero” of this season. In what ways are the fabrics in this collection different from what we saw in the fall/winter collection last year?
Jason Basmajian: Cerruti was born from the fabrics of the Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti textile mill in Biella, Italy. The fabrics have always been essential for the maison. This season the difference lies in the colors: dusty pastels, mineral shades and neutrals. Meanwhile, patterns come in subtle textures, including the “Camo-Foliage” jacquard. The cuts are soft, relaxed with more draping, volume and movement to the fabric. We would like to highlight the contrast of tailoring and fluidity.

Jason Basmajian

A backpack from the season’s collection

DA MAN: It was said that Mr. Nino Cerruti himself gave you access to his exclusive fabrics for this particular spring/summer collection. Could you tell us more about this ?
Jason Basmajian: Mr. Cerruti gives me access to the Cerruti archive regularly. The first time was when I was nominated as chief creative officer. It is very fascinating to see his extensive knowledge about fashion. We are developing exclusive fabrics between the studio and the mill for the collections.

Jason Basmajian

Sunglasses from the season’s collection

DA MAN: The “Camo-Foliage” pattern is definitely eye-catching. Is this part of the exclusive fabrics?
Jason Basmajian: The “Camo-Foliage” pattern was developed in house. It has been woven in jacquard for the outerwear, in wool for the tailoring and in cotton poplin for the shirt. They are all exclusive.

DA MAN: Also exciting is the denim collection. What defines the denim of Cerruti 1881?
Jason Basmajian: For the first denim collection integrated to the Cerruti universe, we wanted to do it strongly. During the spring/summer ’17 fashion week, we presented different denim-on-denim looks in various colors to highlight this part of the collection. The whole denim concept is revisited in classic pieces, with or without light washing out, as well as relaxed and printed pieces. It is important to offer to our customer the possibility to dress in different ways—formal, but sporty and chic too. The cuts are simple but it’s all about fit and detail.

Jason Basmajian

Watches from the season’s collection

DA MAN: In your opinion, what is it that differentiates Cerruti 1881 and its creations from other top Italian sartorial brands?
Jason Basmajian: Cerruti has always been a legendary and historical luxury house. Mr. Cerruti has contributed a lot to the development of our menswear tailoring and style that is still visible today. This house has always been visionary. Cerruti has a beautiful heritage, a passion for cuts, exclusive fabrics, savoir faire and elegant simplicity. It is a brand that has always bridged sportswear and tailoring.

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