J.W. Anderson Launches First Fragrance for Loewe

What is feminine and what is masculine? These days, nobody knows


Loewe 001


Back in June, Prada introduced two new fragrances to the general public. Named L’Homme Prada and La Femme Prada, both scents are designed to complete each other; they both even come in two bottles that fit each other when paired together.

Loewe‘s first fragrances to debut under artistic director J.W. Anderson are a little similar. There are two kinds of scents for men and women, and they’re labeled differently as Loewe 001 Woman and Loewe 001 Man. But they are meant to be complimentary, meaning they can be combined to produce a third scent.

To symbolize these two as two lovers may not even be too far-fetched, since Loewe describes the fragrances as an interpretation of “the morning after.”


Loewe 001 Man


What does “the morning after” smell like, anyway? Apparently, like a blend of tangarine and bergamot. Or so Loewe believes, as the ingredients are found in the top notes of both 001 Man and 001 Woman. The two also share the same middle note, which is sandalwood. The 001 Man also includes violet, white musk and earthy Indonesian patchouli in the base notes; while the 001 Woman is completed with jasmine and vanilla.


Loewe 001 Woman


Although the bottle looks modest, both fragrances come with a packaging that features a botanical artwork by Karl Blossfeldt, whose work has also appeared in Loewe’s fall collection.