It’s Time To Ditch Your Streetwear Sweaters

Men’s streetwear used to be concentrated on sweaters and t-shirts. But this season, the new era of men’s streetwear is about personality—and a little something extra!

Rather than covering up with an oversized sweater, show a little skin this season with a skin-baring suit. Suits and blazers appear formal or rigid so opt out of a t-shirt underneath, it gives a more relaxed and stylish vibe.

Wearing a suit or blazer without a t-shirt under not only keeps you on-trend, it also keeps you from heating up under the summer sun.

Patterns are also coming alive this season and we’re not just talking about sticking to one pattern… It’s all about mixing and clashing 2 or more patterns!

If you are indecisive in picking what to wear for the day, then this trend is perfect for you. Say goodbye to outfits with minimal graphics or patterns and say hello to bold pattern choices that express how you feel. Whether it be a mix and match of patterns in the top itself or with the entire outfit, don’t doubt yourself, go for it, and own it.

Of course, an outfit is never fully complete without the proper accessories. While historically speaking, accessorizing has been limited for menswear compared to female fashion. This season, though, streetwear trends completely ignore the traditional roles of masculinity. Men can be seen holding purses to decorating themselves in jewelry.

The accessories vary from person to person. From thick silver chains and pearl necklaces to minimalist earrings, each choice of jewelry beautifully represents the individual’s personality. The key to accessorizing jewelry in streetwear is simple: give your ensemble a final kick in expressing your style and work it.

Handbags for men. It’s the in thing now. Handbags are not limited to women anymore. The handbag, after all, is quite useful. It is a great place to store your stuff on the go.

You can sling the bags across the shoulder or hold them by hand. There’s nothing wrong with that nowadays.

The new men’s streetwear is all about breaking the norms and staying true to yourself. Rather than buying into the hype and sticking to standard streetwear styles, try something new this season. Play around with age-old styling rules. Redefine masculinity in your own terms. Ensure that comfort and utility both play a role in your outfit choice. Most importantly, dress for yourself.