Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini tapped as BOSS’ newest Global Brand Ambassador

The partnership debuts with—naturally—a collaborative clothing collection with sporty touches

German luxury fashion house BOSS has recently appointed Italian tennis star Matteo Berrettini as its latest global brand ambassador. To celebrate this long-term partnership, the brand has also announced the collaborative BOSS x Matteo Berrettini capsule collection for summer 2022. As expected, the collection will include sporty pieces as well as more laidback designs for off-court outings.

The BOSS x Matteo Berrettini comprises basic pieces such as polo shirts, T-shirts and hoodies, along with accessories like caps and wristbands. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the collection will go towards helping Berrettini’s charity which provides aid for poor children in Italy.

“I have always been a fan of BOSS and it’s an honor to collaborate with such a powerhouse fashion brand—one that is at the top of its game when it comes to style and technical expertise,” says Berrettini of his partnership with BOSS. “I’m particularly proud to have the opportunity to give back to the Italian community with each sale from our capsule collection supporting underprivileged children in Italy. I can’t wait to make a positive impact through our partnership.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Grieder, CEO of Hugo Boss AS, states: “Matteo Berrettini is a great personality on and off court, and we are more than excited to collaborate with him in the upcoming years. His spirit and attitude, which make him more than just one of the best tennis players in the world, are incredibly impressive. Matteo incorporates what a boss stands for today: showing a strong will, making the right decisions and inspiring people all around the world. Therefore, Matteo is not only a role model but also a perfect fit for BOSS.”