Italian Notes by Tod’s

Tod’s recently launched a web portal aimed as a travel guide to Italy’s most popular cities for tourists




They say traveling is best done when you do it like a local. “Do as the Romans do,” so the saying goes. Speaking of Rome, everyone will soon get a chance to really roam around Rome as the Romans do, thanks to Tod’s and its “Italian Notes” project.




The Italian brand has compiled a list of must-visited cafés, bars, galleries, hotels and more points of attraction in Milan, Venice, Como, Siena and Montalcino, with more cities—Bologna, Rome and Naples—coming soon. All suggestions come from locals; but not just any locals. After all, this is Tod’s, the brand known for its preservation of Italian tradition, we’re talking about.




There’s Toto Bergamo Rossi, the International Relations Adviser of Venetian Heritage, who recommended the little-known museum inside Ca’ d’Oro in Venice. There’s also Guglielmo Miani, the chairman of Larusmiani, the oldest luxury clothing and tailoring brand on Via MonteNapoleone, who suggested tourists to enjoy lunch at Bacaro del Sambuco, a restaurant whose tiramisù is the best in Milan.




All the little stories that accompany the places add a personal touch and offer an emotional value, which most travelers would definitely appreciate. What’s more, a section labeled as “Style” provides would-be tourists with tips on clothing and accessories that suit the mood of every city. A stroll next to the lake in Como, for instance, is best taken while wearing Tod’s suede or leather sneakers, which can be bought directly at the website.

“Italian Notes” will also be downloadable as ebooks.