Intense and Sensual: 5 Best Leather Fragrances For You To Try

Sophisticated and classic, here are our favorite olfactive picks for a leathery appeal

leather fragrance

Leathery notes have always had their own appeal. They can serve as a wonderful building block for a more complex scent, especially when combined with other notes. Moreover, each leathery note has its own distinct character, ranging from smoky (imagine an old leather couch at a rustic bar) to subtly woody and even balsamic. If leather fragrances are your cup of tea, you came to the right place. Here are our 5 favorite leather perfumes that are definitely worth to be on your fragrance rotation.

Serge Lutens – La Proie pour L’Ombre

leather fragrance

Since its birth in 2000, Serge Lutens has told myriad stories, illustrating memorable scenes through olfactive delights. In 2021, the perfumer launched La Proie pour L’Ombre, a leather concoction described as a “sanctuary” from the sinister world. A part of the Gratteciel collection, the fragrance is built on three main notes, namely licorice, vanilla and leather. The combination of the trio results in a spicy-leathery blend, enriched with a soft, sweet facet. La Proie pour L’Ombre is offered as a 100-ml EDP, packaged in a tall, Art Deco-inspired bottle. Serge Lutens is available at Glow Living Beauty.

Korloff – Cuir Mythique

leather fragrance

Parisian perfumer Korloff takes us to the deep forest of Siberia with Cuir Mythique. The fragrance illustrates a scenario onboard a Trans-Siberian train where fresh scents of juniper and pine are juxtaposed with a rustic, smoky aroma of a worn leather coat. Cuir Mythique opens with notes of mandarin orange, juniper and pine, followed by floral-spicy notes at the heart. The olfactive journey ends with a solid leathery note that offers sensual intensity, yet still leaves a little room for mystery. The fragrance is formulated as an eau de parfum and is available at C&F.

Guerlain – Cuir Intense

leather fragrance

If “intensity” is in your dictionary, then Cuir Intense by Guerlain is that strong player you can rely on. Incepted in 2019, the fragrance is “notorious” for its performance, with outstanding longevity and powerful sillage that might be too overpowering for some. Cuir Intense opens with an intense leathery note with a woody hint. The perfume, however, dries down to a floral, powdery accord that gives the concoction a unique character, thanks to the notes of musk, osmanthus and ylang-ylang. Guerlain is available at Glow Living Beauty.

Salvatore Ferragamo – Intense Leather

leather fragrance

Launched in 2021, Intense Leather by Salvatore Ferragamo lists intensity as one of its “secret ingredients”. However, the concoction might not be as intense as other entries in this list, thus making it a “safer” option for those who are new to leather fragrances. The olfactory journey with Intense Leather begins with a spicy layer of pink pepper, mandarin orange and clary sage notes, immediately followed by a warm leathery note. Oakmoss and musk reign on the base layer, lending a musky facet. The fragrance is offered as an eau de parfum in 50 ml and 100 ml. Available at C&F.

Angel Schlesser – Deep Leather

leather fragrance

Leather and citrus seem like an unlikely pair but what if we really combine the two different “worlds”? Deep Leather by Spanish house Angel Schlesser is characterized by the juxtaposition of leathery and citrusy notes, resulting in an invigorating leathery accord. The concoction comprises the trinity of bergamot, leather and vanilla notes. The leathery note reigns from the beginning, combined with a note of bergamot that lends a tangy yet refreshing facet. The fragrance then dries down to a soft vanilla note. A part of the Les Eaux d’Un Instant Absolut collection, Deep Leather is available in 100 ml at C&F.