Inspiring Campaigns of Spring/Summer 2019


Broadway Melody – If there’s an award for most extravagant and fanciful –in a very good way- campaign, then our vote would surely go for Gucci and Glen Luchford’s witty reimagining of the golden age of movies in the 1920s-1940s.

The inspired glitz and glam were countless: from outrageously musical stages, gents in tux surrounding the star who is born, to preppy boys tap dancing on the table –all the while presenting their incredibly vibrant seasonal collection.


Meaning of Life – Hermès’ hauntingly tranquil campaign by Jonas Lindstroem almost feels like an arthouse study of something deep – through a fashion shoot. And we’re not even exaggerating here.

A clean blank “canvas” where we can’t distinct the sky and the mirroring water underneath, with Edoardo Sebastianelli laying or standing still (or  maybe floating), as if representing he questions on existence – and we just have to stress this again, through a very beautiful fashion shoot.

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