Inside DAMAN August/September 2018: Thomas Jane, Oliver Stark, Daniel Gillies, Yoshi Sudarso And More…

Our latest issue sees a man who have been in and out of various action roles, Thomas Jane (“Deep Blue Sea”, “The Punisher”, “The Mist”, “The Predator”), featured side by side with two up and coming stars, Oliver Stark (“9-1-1″, The Badlands”), and Daniel Gillies (“The Vampire Diaries”, “Saving Hope”), along with a newcomer in the local action film industry, Yoshi Sudarso (“Bufallo Boys”).

In this special issue, celebrating the upcoming Asian Games in Jakarta, we also feature notable sports figures, from Daniel Wenas (basketball), Rendy Tamamilang (volleyball), Aero Aswar (jet-ski) to an avid basketballer who happens to be our DAMAN Darling, Maria Selena.

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