Indonesia’s Weekly Art Activities September 26 – October 1

DA MAN’s fashionable roundup of art activities, art events and art exhibitions in and around the galleries and auction houses of Indonesia and beyond during the week starting September 26, 2011.

House of Nine by Nurul Hayat (Acil)

Monday, September 26, 8 p.m., multi-artists exhibition: Nurul Hayat (Acil), Multazaman Kamil, Moch. Basori, Priyaris Munandar (Aris), Iqrar Dinata; to be held at Philo Art Space

Energy of Symbols by Priyaris Munandar

Saturday, October 1, 4 p.m., Dita Gambiro solo exhibition; to be held at Inkubator

Saturday, October 1, 5 p.m., Zirwen Hazry To See Inside solo exhibition; to be held at Vivi Yip Art Room

To See Inside, an exhibition by Zirwen Hazry at Vivi Yip Art Room

Monday, October 3, 10 a.m. (09 a.m. Indonesian time), Sotheby’s Auction, Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Paintings; Hong Kong; Viewing starts Friday