Imaginary Bateman

In the world full of wonders, Nolan Bateman strives to create exciting characters in Hollywood.

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There is no doubt that this American actor is taking actor very seriously. Nolan Bateman know for sure that his life is dedicated for acting and there is no other way. He had his first acting role back in 2011 and now he has a recurring role in the HBO drama series “Euphoria”, also starring Zendaya and shooting Fox’s “9-1-1”. Involved in a few series project doesn’t stop him from directing his own short film called “Uncanny Valley” and producing alongside Israel Broussard, Benjamin Papac, Emery Kelley, and Paris Berelc. DAMAN chats with the multitalented actor about his acting journey.

DAMAN: What makes you decided to be an actor?
Nolan Bateman: Acting was something I fell into as a way of life more than any particular decision. I’m a sensitive guy and reading people’s emotions beyond their face value is something that comes very naturally to me. Turns out that’s the meat of being an actor; responding authentically moment to moment to the people and circumstances you find yourself in.

DA: How old were you when you started acting?
NB: 8-9 years old? I started in ballet, funny enough. I never would’ve thought I’d end up here.

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DA: Is there any dream role or character you would like to play one day?
Each character I’ve played is different from the last. Ideally, I’d like to continue this experience to play a character truly unique and outside of myself. I see actors like Heath Ledger or Christian Bale who have stepped outside of themselves and think about the opportunity to do that as well. To me, that’s the highest ledge an actor can climb—pushing the limits of the human experience to a point beyond your own ego and experiences to encapsulate something greater than yourself.

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DA: Is acting something that you’ve always wanted to do?
NB: I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

DA: Similarly, what was your most memorable experience as an actor?
NB: Shooting Euphoria was the first time I had been on a set where both the actors and the director/show-runner were comfortable pushing the boundaries of what was considered…”okay”, for lack of a better word. I gained a new appreciation for what I was doing out here and why I was doing it.

DA: Is there any dream castmates, writer or director you would like to work with one day?

NB: There are too many to count; however, I find the Cohen Brothers, Tarantino and Sorkin to be some of the greatest minds in writing and filmmaking.

DA: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up?
NB: I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, right on the beach. I had the privilege of receiving an incredible childhood, something I feel genuinely lucky for. My parents are both incredible people and I wouldn’t be the man I am today without them. They allowed me to grow up to be my own person and I think that’s really the cornerstone of how I can continue to grow my art. It was never repressed, always supported.

DA: Is there a specific process you have to get into character?
NB: I’ve studied a number of methods, Meisner and Adler being my favorites, but I wouldn’t say I slave myself to a particular mindset. On the day, when the cameras roll, I just aim to be present in the moment. To put it simply, Meisner said it best: acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. And that’s what I always strive to do.

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