IKAT Indonesia Pour Homme: The Ties That Bind

One of Indonesia’s youngest and hippest designers, Didiet Maulana, recently launched his latest line: IKAT Indonesia Pour Homme


Like his previous one, this line also focuses on ikat-patterned attire; this time, though, like the name suggests, it’s dedicated to men.

For the layman, ikat (which means “cord” or “to tie” in Indonesian) is a dyeing and weaving technique of fabrics, like cotton or silk.

Pour Homme’s spring-summer 2012 collection—and accompanying ad campaign, shot by fashion photographer Arseto Adiputra—consists of jackets, shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, cardigans, shoes and other accessories, which are presented in bold motifs and colors like dark green, Marrakech red, brown, gray and black.

Here, Didiet, whose muse in this project has been star actor Nicholas Saputra, gives DA MAN some exclusive insights about the brand..


DA MAN: Why did you choose ikat among other traditional motifs?
Didiet Maulana: Ikat is a sexy motif and it’s visually intriguing for me.

DA MAN: What things did you have to consider when designing the men’s collection?
Didiet Maulana: It must be wearable, simple and always has to keep its masculine look. I always picture Nicholas Saputra [one
of Indonesia’s leading actors], my muse, wearing it.

DA MAN: What is the theme of the spring-summer 2012 collection?
Didiet Maulana: The inspirations come from Indonesia’s beaches and the beauty that surrounds them. The blue sky, the coconut trees and the sexiness of the sunrise as well as sunset is translated into the choices of colors.

DA MAN: Is there any specific concept behind the spring-summer 2012 campaign? Why did you choose Nicholas Saputra as IKAT Indonesia Pour Homme’s ambassador?
Didiet Maulana: The concept is wearable, chic and masculine. Nico has been a great young persona to well present my collection. His consistency in doing what he loves and really focusing on what he’s doing has inspired me to create this Pour Homme collection.

DA MAN: What’s next for IKAT Indonesia Pour Homme?
Didiet Maulana: I would like to gain more awareness for IKAT Indonesia Pour Homme collections, make it popular in Indonesia and elevate its positioning internationally. Of course, opening special retail stores is also in our plans.


IKAT Indonesia Pour Homme Launching Event: