HYT raises the bar once again with its H20 collection

THEATER OF TIME. Through its new H20 collection, HYT showcases mesmerizing 3D transparency in microfluidic technology

Close up view showing the capillary, bellows and mechanical movement of a H20 watch

Through the combination of liquid technology and engineering, HYT’s hydro-mechanical approach to watchmaking has turned what once was fantasy into reality. Earlier this year, at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, HYT introduced a number of meticulous looking watches that exhibited a fascinating interplay between fluid mechanics and the intricate sophistication of a mechanical movement. With these novelties, HYT has shown that no challenge is too big for it.

Following up on the design language established by the company with last year’s HYT exciting H0, the new H20 collection presents a look that is much  more minimalist and also more streamlined look than its predecessors. That being said, the watches stay true to its design roots. All in all, the new H20 timepieces are exceedingly eye-catchy and inventive, especially with the new case. Time flies, or, in HYT’s case, flows.

A Major Concept
The new H20 collection continues HYT’s groundbreaking work in fluid technology, and puts it up for display in new and exciting ways. The visible H20 timing concept is rooted in the continuous movement of a colored and transparent fluid flowing in a small capillary tube. The minimalist design of the skeletonized piece focuses the observer’s attention on the artistic, spectacular dimensions of the fluid display. Just like a flourishing river, time never stands still and HYT’s creation reflects that core philosophy in glorious fashion.

Front view of a H20 watch with green fluid


Up Close and Personal
There are two limited edition models in the H20 collection, each comprising 25 numbered pieces. The first one is clothed in black and harbors a bright green fluid, while the second one has a silver-colored case and deep blue liquid. Both of them come with a jumping minute hand and thermal indicator, a tiny bellows that serves as an integral element of this “live performance” in a meticulously constructed theater of time.

A domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating offers an intriguing lateral view of time’s progress. The proprietary movement that powers the watch boasts an impressive 192-hour power reserve. Furthermore, the H20 also includes a crown-position indicator at 3 o’clock like some of its predecessors, which shows the wearer which position the screw-down, black rubber-coated crown is in at the moment—H for setting the time, N for neutral and R for winding up the power reserve.

What else makes the H20 different from other HYT collections? Perhaps most noticeable is the design of the “floating” hour numerals and markers that are visible from the side, thanks to the shape of the crystal. Then, with transparency as its universal design language, HYT accentuates both the aesthetics and technical details. The angled positioning of the two bellows that propel time forward in the patented HYT micro-fluidic module creates an overall appearance with a distinctive 3D character.

Side view of a H20 watch with green fluid


Raising the Bar
HYT successfully brought its watchmaking game to a new level and for a new generation by focusing on the emotional and visual possibilities of time flowing as a fluid, while continuing to root the brand’s creative process in the very origins of time measurement. With the new H20 collection, HYT offers timepieces with radical perspectives on time, told through layers of mesmerizing 3D transparency on top of a shape resembling a stone that has been smoothed to perfection as it weathered the elements and time itself.

In short, the H20 showcases HYT union of art and science which is so essential to HYT, mirrored by the capacity to defy gravity and measure the passage of time beautifully using fluids. Moreover, this technology joins forces with a mechanical movement in a coherent whole, symbolic of a fundamental, fascinating fusion of time and space. The result? A unique watch that respects, facilitates and treasures the flow of time.