HYT Defies Rules (Again) With Skull Bad Boy

A REALLY, REALLY BAD BOY. HYT has never really played by the rules. It has not only thrown traditional hour and minute displays out the window, but also invested the Skull timepieces which put attitude above time-telling




This year, it punches far above its weight—being a small, independent watch company, that is—by launching the Skull Bad Boy.

Yes, the name says it all.

The 51mm watch case is made of DLC-coated titanium, yet the skull material is truly unlike any other. It aims to recreate the look of Damascus steel (mostly found in knives and swords) by folding layers of steel and carbon up to 256 times!

To keep up with the bold attitude, this tour de force has black liquid to denote the hour and a corrupted-looking leather strap.

It’s basically a love-it-or-hate-it deal, but either way, just remember that there are only 50 pieces available.