Hunting World Limited-Edition Collection ‘Battue Surpass Glory’

If it looks like a Fourth of July party in America, then Battue Surpass Glory limited-edition collection from Hunting World has achieved its aims.



Red, white and blue, the bags and wallets from Battue Surpass Glory collection are as eye-catching as they are celebration of Hunting World’s patriotism.

The line itself is a contemporary representation of 1995’s Stars and Stripes, Hunting World’s 30th anniversary special collection.

Battue Surpass Glory is, too, inspired by the American flag; it’s especially designed to pay tribute to the “Old Glory.” As the name suggests, the line is a part of Hunting World’s iconic Battue Surpass collection.

Its history goes a long way; to 1965, to be exact, when Hunting World’s founder Bob Lee, created a fabric he called “Battue,” which is lightweight, yet strong and solid enough to endure an exhilarating adventure or an elegant safari.

These sleek unisex bags are made out of this same high-performance fabric. The collection consists of carryalls, totes and cross-body bags, as well as long and double wallets.