Hublot Reinvents Horological Performance With the Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic

Hublot’s new Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic comes with a power reserve of 14 days

Back in 2018, Hublot revolutionized the world of watch design and technology with the creation of a brand new material: the first ever brightly colored high-tech ceramic. Up to this point, only black and white ceramics had been used in watchmaking, and as time went by, the manufacture gained a significant lead in materials research, opening up new avenues in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

This year, Hublot introduces the new Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic that comes with a striking bright red case in high-tech ceramic. Entirely developed and produced by the brand, this model reinvents horological performance with a manufacture movement offering an unparalleled power reserve of 14 days via seven barrels which are visible from the dial side.

In particular, this state-of-the-art red ceramic is paired with the Hublot manufacture movement calibre HUB9011 manual-winding skeletonized which features an innovative and spectacular construction visible through the transparent dial.

Furthermore, the Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic features an exceptional power reserve of up to two weeks. To enable energy to be transmitted between the horizontal barrel arbor and the vertical gears controlling the hour and minute display, Hublot opted for a system rarely employed in watchmaking: A 90-degree helical worm gear. To create an aesthetic balance with this helical gear—which is visible at 10 o’clock, the balance—made from anthracite ruthenium—was moved to the dial side in a symmetrical position at 2 o’clock.

Design wise, Hublot’s exclusive red ceramic symbolizes passion, power, endeavor and also glory. Fully polished, this original case and bezel material offers a distinctive contrast with the iconic H-shaped screws of the Big Bang in black titanium, and with the crown and the strap in black rubber, which is another of the manufacture’s signatures.

Above all, with a bold, striking and innovative design in the true spirit of Hublot, the new Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic surely embodies the full splendor of the brand’s Art of Fusion.