How to Take a Selfie with Brioni’s Creative Director Justin O’Shea

Justin O’Shea is busy preparing his first ever collection for Brioni. But first, he’s going to take a selfie


justin o shea


In a short film released by Mercedes-Benz, entitled “The Specialist,” O’Shea plays himself, the tattooed and well-dressed designer who also happens to be a selfie expert. We’re not quite sure whether or not the part about him being a “selfie expert” is true, but anyone who’s ever skimmed through his Instagram feed will know that he does like taking pictures of himself.

The hilarious video opens with O’Shea arriving in an unknown parking lot in his Mercedes-Benz. Donned in a light blue suit, he takes the time to capture a photo of himself before climbing out of the vehicle.

With great power comes great responsibility, and O’Shea is burdened with the task of helping others lacking expertise in taking selfies. This is when the role of the damsel in distress, played by stylist Jayne Min, comes in. After taking a blurry selfie, Min’s face has become blurry in real life because, according to O’Shea, her soul is captured in the picture.

The film continues with O’Shea offering tips on how to take an awesome selfie before it ends with a funny twist. Why not watch the video below? Maybe you can learn a thing or two about taking selfies from O’Shea!