HOT LIST 2012: Irfan Bachdim

HOT LIST. Born and raised in Holland by his Dutch mom and Indonesian dad, Irfan Bachdim has become the “Beckham and/or Ronaldo of Indonesia” even though he modestly says, “ I wish I was like them … they are global role models. I hope I can be that in Indonesia.”

He started his career with Dutch powerhouse Ajax’s youth team at the age of 11. Now 23 and married to model Jennifer Kurniawan, he’s playing for his father’s hometown club, Persema Malang. Irfan made a big splash in Indonesia when he scored a spectacular goal for the national team in December 2010, for which he tells DA MAN, “I’m very happy with my silver medal from the AFF cup … soon I will change my silver medal into gold!” Since then, he’s become a megastar and the face of brands such as Pocari Sweat, Suzuki, Nike and others. And the message he wants to send? “My message will always be: Never give up! If you have a dream and you fight for it, it will come true.”