HOT LIST 2012: Gareth Evans

Online Special: GARETH EVANS. U.K.-born director Gareth Evans is a rising star in show business. He’s had some previous success, but his most recent one, The Raid, has taken him into a whole new realm.

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Director Gareth Evans and his team have already by been feted at numerous international film festivals. But he wasn’t always a director.

“Actually, I wanted to be an actor, but then I realized I couldn’t act for s*!t … In time, all this evolved into directing,” he tells DA MAN.

Now based in Indonesia (with a previous stint in Japan), he tells us that his love of Asian films began at a very early age. “Throughout my childhood I was always interested in Hong Kong cinema, mostly action cinema. I watched Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and then John Woo movies.”

As a director, he explains, it’s all about the wild ride. “When you are in the hands of a director, who can take you along for a ride that you’re not expecting, that is a really exciting thing to experience. That excites me and that’s what I hope we’ve done with The Raid. We push certain limits in some points and we make you afraid of what’s going to happen next.”


And if you’re wondering if he’s in Indonesia for the long haul, he says he sure hopes so and is planning to be.