H&M: Fashion Against AIDS with Penn Badgley, Shiloh Fernandez

In 2010, the affordable, ‘fast fashion’ department store H&M got the attention of fashionistos with a limited-edition line in cooperation with Lanvin. Now they are doing their social responsibility bit with the Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) campaign starring former DA MAN cover guys Penn Badgley and Shiloh Fernandez, along with several other stars like the Scissor Sisters and others.

The special collection for FAA this season, hit stores in April and May 2011 with the stated aim to help “spread the message of safe sex and HIV/AIDS prevention to young people around the globe.”

They are also available online and 25 percent of all proceeds will be donated to support international HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness programs through the Designers Against AIDS (DAA) partnership.

The celebrities involved in this year’s campaign have increased the star power in the unisex collection. Penn Badgley (Easy A; Gossip Girl) goes for the casually hip hoodie with a T-shirt.

Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood) also dons a cool T-shirt complemented by a khaki-colored nylon (polyamide) parka over jeans.