Highlights from the 11th DAMAN Party

PARTY OF THE YEAR. Highlights, most memorable moments and new sights at DAMAN’s 11th Anniversary Party

A toast to start of the party Hendrik Simon from Pernod Ricard, guest of honor Logan Shroyer, DAMAN publisher and editor-in-chief Ronald Liem, guest of honor Aurelien Muller, Irwan Danny Mussry from InTime, Raisa Awkilla from Hush Puppies along with MC Aimee Juliette

Early last May saw one of the hottest parties of the year—even if we do say so ourselves—unfold at The Residence OnFive at Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Yes, it was the 11th DAMAN Party, held together with the magazine’s longtime partners INTime, Hush Puppies and Absolut. As evening fell on Jakarta that day, a steady flow of celebrities and public figures, many of who were featured in the magazine, arrived at the venue. Anticipation for the night’s event was higher than usual as this year’s DAMAN Party was quite unlike its previous iterations. For one, the invitation to the even noted a formal dinner and guests soon caught glimpses of the intimate table setting. Word also came out that it would also be an award night celebrating the incredible array of talents who have appeared in the magazine. Soon, the assembled crowd was joined by two very special guests of honor: Top French model Aurelien Muller and American actor Logan Shroyer.

Table setting at the 11th DAMAN Party

Longines timepieces on display, courtesy of InTime

So, besides the two special guests, what exactly was new at #DAMAN11? For one, the celebration included a formal sit-down dinner, which offered a much more exclusive and intimate atmosphere at the start of the evening. More importantly, however, was the awarding of DAMAN’s first ever series of awards, which recognized some of the best talents ever to grace the pages of the magazine and their continued accomplishments. For the award’s debut, the winners included model and up-and-coming actor Richard Kyle as “Rising Star of the Year,” actress Tara Basro as “Darling of the Year,” seasoned actor Reza Rahadian as “Gentleman of the Year” and Aurelien Muller as “International Model of the Year.”

Award-winners of the night: Aurelien Muller (International Model of the Year), Tara Basro (Darling of the Year), Reza Rahadian (Gentleman of the Year) and Richard Kyle (Rising Star of the Year)

With the dinner service concluded and the awards conferred, the 11th DAMAN Party took on an even more festive atmosphere. As even more friends of the magazine arrived at The Residence OnFive, Matt Linnen—of “The X Factor” fame—took to the stage and belted out song after song. It didn’t take long for the assembled celebrities, models and VIP guests to stand up from their chairs and head to the dance floor. As Linnen’s last notes fell away, the venue’s resident DJ took over and the dancing continued well into the night. It was, as always, a most fitting celebration for Indonesia’s leading men’s magazine.

Matt Linnen from “The X-Factor” takes to the stage


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Nicholas Saputra, Ronald Liem, and Suhaila Nordin
Ronald Liem, Irna Mareta, Cathy Sharon, Wisnu Zulkarnain, Litto Adiputra, and Richard Kyle
Rinaldi Hutasoit, Susy Suprantio, and Herman Hartono
Daniele Francesco Mazzola, Paul Marquez, Lucho Moroz, Paolo Cereghini, Ronald Liem, Paulo Damazio, Abrahan Alvarez, Marco Aurélio, Finn Cramer, Luca Del Vigo
Willie Soedewa, Robin Liem, Josh Kunze
Mario Ginanjar, Santi Waine, Mike Ethan
Aurelien Muller, Ronald Liem, Logan Shroyer
Samuel Wongso, MJ Sehonanda
Irna Mareta , Ronald Liem, and Reza Rahadian
Ronald Liem, Jessica Schwarze, Charmie Hamami, Logan Shroyer, and Simpirwati Simarno
Kelly Tandiono, Paula Verhoeven, Aimee Juliette, and Laura Muljadi
Mentari De Marelle and Victor Tanoni
Irene Kusma, Robert Harianto, and Andini W. Effendi
Didiet Maulana and Cathy Sharon
Daniel Mananta and Irwan Danny Mussry
Richard Kyle and Tara Basro
Angeline Sumarno, Nicholas Saputra, and Sisi Sutrisno
Aulia Gumilang and Haydn Dare
Zamri Mamat
Kevin Maharis and Lio Tjhung
Aurelien Muller
Sulung Landung and Dion Wiyoko
Director of Mario Minardi, Handiman Ali