Highlights from DAMAN’s 14th Annual Party in Chicago

June 2021 saw a return of this magazine’s most exciting annual tradition: the DAMAN Party.

Cal Foster, Russ Moeller, Jon Cotay, Jonathan Bond

This time, the festive spirit of the magazine’s anniversary materialized all the way in Chicago, and was also held in conjunction with Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2021. Hosting the event were a trio of friends of the magazine: event specialist Jon Cotay, photographer Aldrin Del Carmen and Artspace8 gallery owner Fidel Rodriguez who graciously provided the venue for the event.

Adding an extra touch of fashion to the party were Wyatt Engeman from Ford Models as well as a special presentation by Select Model Chicago. And keeping spirits up throughout the party in more ways than one were event partners Mamitas, Drink Basic, Rivers Casino Des Plaines, Go Grocer and Joy Yee Noodle.

Aldrin Del Carmen and Wyatt Engeman
Gregory Stellatos and guest
Kevin Roldan
Kyle Scopec
Madeline Ford and Devin Olson