Highland Park introduces a new design for its Valkyrie Special Edition Whisky

THE VALKYRIE’S NEW GROOVE. Scotland-based distillery Highland Park has unveiled new packaging for Valkyrie, its unique single-malt scotch whisky

Every brand has a story to tell, but few have one as rich and evocative as Highland Park—as we learned a while back during a chat with brand ambassador Martin Markvardsen. That conversation, by the way, happened just hours before the launch of Highland Park’s Valkyrie Limited Edition whisky in Singapore. Fast forward to last July and the Valkyrie has been reintroduced with new packaging and a new, unique bottle.

The Valkyrie’s new look was unveiled on July 27 at FLOW Jakarta and marks a new saga for Highland Park here. “The new packaging includes a new, wider bottle, a metallic label design that complements the glass, embossed with a contemporary looking logo as well as a premium ‘Torq’ closure to keep the whisky safe,” Randall Tan, Brand Advisor of Highland Park summed up. “All of which, will add consumer interest and excitement around the brand.”

Created in collaboration with renowned Danish designer—and arguably, modern-day Viking—Jim Lyngvild, the newly designed Valkyrie moves away from the traditional black-and-silver palette of Highland Park while still maintaining its connection to Viking imagery. Only this time around, it has a bolder hand-drawn aesthetic. Embossed metallic detailing become a reference to the mythical Valkyries’ role as shield-maidens in Valhalla. The actual Valkyrie is illustrated in winged form sporting coiled hair and a necklace that pays homage to yet another icon of Norse legend—the magical Brísingamen torc worn by the goddess Freya.

Finally, the spirits contained within would definitely be familiar for fans of Highland Park while at the same time offering a tantalizingly unique flavour profile for those new to the brand. Thanks in no small part to the peat used at the distilleries in Orkney Island—home of Highland Park—the whisky is characteristically smoky yet rich and full. It opens with a sharp and intense tang on the nose, fills the mouth with a spicy sweetness, then lingers with waves of aromatic smoke and a rich bouquet of fruity notes.

And now, the Valkyrie Limited Edition whisky comes forward with an equally exciting new look to tantalize connoisseurs and collectors alike.