High Luxury Footwear Collection by Hermès

SOUND OF SILENCE. Hermès’ fall/winter 2017 footwear collection not only displays stylish elegance but also a touch of high luxury


Daman Magazine


Being quiet is always what made Hermès highly luxurious. You know what they say, silence is the loudest sound you’ll ever hear. Well, for its fall/winter 2017 collection, the French house has embraced this saying by displaying top-to-bottom looks that seamlessly blend with one another, creating a delicately bold statement about luxury. The derby shoes, for one, beautifully captures the essence behind the collection. Crafted in calfskin with a palladium-finish, the derby shoe is bold in design with a buckle that was inspired by equestrian sports. On the other hand, its dark magenta color is so subtle and smooth that it adds a note of elegance to the shoe. Hermès’ new moccasin shoe in suede calfskin is also worth mentioning. With a dark blue color and the letter H stitched on the surface of the shoe, it is a fine sartorial delicacy for generations to come.