Hermès Ties: The Ties that Binary

Looking to infuse a bit of humor into its usually elegant designs, Hermès’ latest set of ties features tech-savy designs that should please anybody’s inner geek.

Since more and more men can’t seem to leave home without their phones or laptops these days, Hermès is giving them a chance to tie their tech around their necks—literally.

Included in the fashion house’s fall 2012 collection, the 8 cm heavy silk ties are made with Hermès’ customary craftsmanship and decorated with playful motifs such as the USB logo, computer keyboards and on/off switch buttons.


There’re even ones printed with binary code whose meanings are revealed on the label at the narrow end of the ties.

Whether you want to impress your nerdy friends or just let your geek flag fly, these ties give you the option of doing it in style.