Hermès Spring-Filled Sandal Collection for the New Season

STEP IN TIME. Youth need not be wasted on the young as Hermès’ latest footwear collection for spring 2018 shows with its diverse use of shapes and colors



Hermès comes in this spring with a sophisticated color palette combined with technical sports influences. It is, without a doubt, very youthful. But this does not mean that the clothes apply to only youngsters. Like any previous collection by the French brand, it always managed to seamlessly put age in an irrelevant factor. Case in point: this spring’s collection of sandals. With calfskin used as the material, the sandals come in various shapes and colors. The most vibrant of the collection is definitely the one with the colorful graphic stripes, which is actually a nod to the deckchair canvas. But among the lineup are also the more subdued varients, like the one that comes close-toed or with a contrasting stitching on the welt. Paired with either Hermès ’ straight legged trousers or track pants, and you’ll have an effortlessly luxurious look that just anyone can relate to.