Hermès Presents the H24, A Scent Quite Unlike Any Other

Perfumers at the French maison have created a truly new fragrance for men

A dizzying array of possibilities in men’s perfumery allowed Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel to explore with delight following her characteristic genius for swimming against the tide for the H24. It all starts with an aromatic, a botanical note of clary sage with the inflections of hay and cut grass alongside the highly distinctive notes of a slightly animalistic amber base. Since the desire is organic, narcissus absolute was added together with nocturnal tobacco because of its renowned green, crisp and edgy side. These are scents that appeal to men. Like a flawlessly symmetrical puzzle is the rosewood essence, and the finale is delivered by sclarene, a molecule of the future that provides a green and earthy aromatic scent that quickly develops to the body.

To really feel the mood brought forward by Hermès’ H24, check out the campaign video for the fragrance: