Hermès Presents The First Birkin Bag For Men: The Rock

Shown at the Hermès Fall/Winter 2022 show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, this is the first Birkin bag made for men

One of the most coveted objects, the Hermès Birkin bag, has now become must-have for men too after a stunning debut at the Hermès Fall/Winter 2022 runway show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Amid technical parkas and leather jackets, the French fashion brand unveiled a new addition to the Haut à courroies family: the Rock. In appearance, the Rock doesn’t differ much from the original Birkin. It boasts the bag’s signature flap, as well as the straps and hardware that secure it contents. What is new is the keychain detail that connects the corner of the bag with a pocket of its own facade, as well as adjacent zipped pocket shaped like a saddle, perhaps as a nod to Hermès’ equestrian heritage.

And then there’s the shape: like every Haut à courroies bag (or HAC, for short), it stands slightly taller and wider than your typical Birkin. The HAC, by the by, is the very first Hermes handbag. It debuted in 1892, almost a century before Hermes created its iconic bag for the actress Jane Birkin. Among handbag collectors, though, the HAC is considered as the biggest Birkin of all. The Rock is crafted in Evercalf leather with utilitarian detail and while Birkin already has an androgynous appeal on top its superior craftsmanship and its practical design, it is the perfect time for Hermès dedicate the bag especially for men.