Hermès Men Spring/Summer 2020 Scarf Collection

The maison‘s iconic scarf has become more versatile than ever

Why a Hermès scarf should be a staple piece for anyone’s wardrobe is basically a given. Not only for women, mind you, but also for men—especially when you consider how versatile they are. A Hermès scarf is an accessory that can be knotted like a tie or nonchalantly tied or untied according to the occasion. This season, the scarf comes in silk and cashmere with multiple wearing styles and different colorways drawn from the season’s collection. Dyed in graduated shades or bearing prints of Hermès’ signature motifs, the scarfs of the season are appealingly versatile and easy to wear.

C’est la fête Double face scarf 90 in silk twill

This is a new chapter in the story of Hermès silk as the double face scarf plays with two versions of the C’est la fête design by Daiske Nomure. It has a matte and supple finish that is specific to the men’s wardrobe.


Scarf 100 in Cashmere

This cashmere scarf is dyed in Nepal according to a traditional method: the artisans dip each edge in four different baths to create original color encounters. Each scarf is one-of-a-kind, embellished with a rolled edge and a screen printed signature.


Slim Losange in Cashmere and Silk

This slim losange comes in a new small format piece, perfect to be worn in new ways, as a foulard or even a tie.


7 cm Chevron Tie in Embosses Silk

This sober tie is decorated with a raised Chaîne d’ancre link, made using the traditional embossing technique.


Hermès Football Club Scarf 100 in Cashmere and Silk

Anne-Margot Ramstein’s precision line lends these two footballers’ legs a graphic elegance.


Hermès Odyssey Scarf 100 in Cashmere and Silk

With the Hermès Odyssey design, Daiske Nomura creates a spacecraft shaped like an H flying past the planet Mercury, Hermès’ name in Roman mythology.