Hermès Brings French Substance to Its Latest Men Fall 2023 Collection

Véronique Nichanian brings the fundamental elements of men’s fashion to life with the signature style of Hermès

For Fall 2023, Hermès is focused on being an integral part of men’s fashion. The collection is designed to be both practical and sophisticated, perfect for everyday wear. There is no specific theme; instead, Hermès is striving to create clothing that is stylish and functional.

The men creative director, Véronique Nichanian exactly understands that fundamental purpose. This season, she strikes up the runway with the idea to give all the clothes a dialogue to play so she infuses a little bit of conversations between pieces. Take a closer look on how she plays with lengths and volumes, cuttings and proportions to give the looks many elements of surprise. Leather is still the heart of the collection with many renditions of the classic leather jacket and loose pants that took over from the very first looks.

Nichanian strikes again with a dark seasonal palette for Hermès’ collection. Charcoal, gravel, fog, caramel, brown, coffee and black are the dominant hues, accented with ivory and pale green for contrast. These colors look sophisticatedly appealing alongside the range of HAC (Haut à courroies) bags in various leathers.

Craftsmanship, the hallmark of Hermès, takes center stage. The runway showcases braided leathers and knits that bear the imprint of numerous lives; scraps of leather on a jacket; a colourful Irish cable knit, the stitching its defining feature; framing effects, such as the silk yoke of a cardigan. In essence, this show invites viewers on a winter journey where timelessness and innovation harmonise, conjoining comfort and sophistication in the Hermès style.