Hermès and Apple Unveil the First Printed Apple Watch Strap

In continuation with the ongoing partnership between Hermès and Apple, the two brands just released the first printed Apple Watch strap




When fashion and technology work together, amazing things happen. That’s the case between luxury brand Hermès and tech giant Apple who have been working together since September 2015 to create a new collection of Hermès Apple watches. This time around, they are releasing the same watch but with a limited edition printed strap, which is sold exclusively at Hermès stores as well as the fashion house’s e-commerce site.


The strap design features Robert Dallet’s “Équateur Tatouage” scarf print from 1988 depicting a jungle scene in black and white with a colorful cheetah on one side of the band. This classic motif has previously appeared across several of Hermès’ product lines, such as the brand’s footwear offerings from their fall/winter ’16/’17 ready-to-wear collection.

The handcrafted band is made of calfskin leather with a metal clasp and leather loops. It can also be worn with any of the Clipper, Cape Cod, and Espace watches from Hermès.