Guest Book: Opening of Calvin Klein Jeans Store in Pondok Indah Mall

Denim on Denim – Towards the end of last November, Calvin Klein opened the doors of their latest Calvin Klein Jeans store in Indonesia, at Pondok Indah Mall.

One of the brand’s most popular ready to wear lines, the store was filled with all of the latest of CKJ goods. From the monotone sweaters, the leather bags and sneakers, and of course, stacks and stacks of denim. The store’s interior helped shoppers immensely on getting the perfect pair of jeans, with size and style guides along the shelves. Also available was their Andy Warhol exclusive collection, which easily became a favorite.

Hots of the night: Kevin Maharis, Angeline Lee, Cosmas Gozali and Edo Moeis
Host MJ Sehonanda and partner Samuel Wongso
Jhony, Michael Rolimpandoel and Jason Lonardo
Adimas Keynard and Tim Lin
Aero Aswar and Aqsa Aswar