Grooming: Water-Based Moisturizers

HEAD ABOVE WATER. People with oily skin are often faced with a vexing dilemma when it comes to moisturizers. On the one hand, you want your face to look fresh and well-hydrated.


On the other, most moisturizers contain at least some oily ingredients that, while hydrating, can also produce an unappealing, greasy finish. Not to mention, excess oil may possibly block the pores and lead to blemishes. The answer to this quandary is water-based moisturiz ers. Quick to absorb and lightweight, these will effectively tackle excess oil and effectively moisturize the skin—killing two birds with one stone. Adieu dil emma.



1. One of the chief brands producing water-based grooming products for men is Lab Series. Their Water Lotion is one such gem, which works for all skin types. You can apply this to your face and neck every morning and/or evening after cleansing or shaving for maximum results.

2. Facial skin can be very particular, so that only few brands may suit your skin type. Therefore, why not try this Active Water Skin Refiner from Korean skincare brand Laneige Homme? With a mild low-alcohol formula, this moisturizing toner can soothe the skin and clear excess dead skin cells.

3. Kiehl’s has a wide range of moisturizes to deal with oily skin. But this one in particular has a specific formula that incorporates magnesium, sodium PCA and zinc. As such, this hydrator will act like a series of micro-sponges on your face, reducing excess oil immediately. Not really suitable for sensitive skin, though.

Photography Ronald Liem
Model Kyle Bliss