Grooming Review: Charcoal Black Foam Icy Effect and Charcoal Black Scrub by L’Oréal

COAL POWERED CLEAN. Charcoal Black Foam Icy Effect facial wash and Charcoal Black Scrub, two of the latest offerings from L’Oréal Paris Men Expert, are hardly the only men’s skin-care products in the market right now that rely on the power of charcoal to get rid of unwanted skin problems.

But L’Oréal also boasts that its charcoal has the magnetic prowess to absorb and pull dirt, oil and blackheads out of the skin, while protecting it from the negative effects of pollution, cigarette smoke and other free radicals at the same time.

The Charcoal Black Scrub contains 2000 micro beads per use, which makes cleansing pores more practical. The Charcoal Black Foam, meanwhile, offers an icy sensation that soothes oily and sun-exposed skin.