Grooming review: Biotherm Homme High Recharge Eye Shot

Biotherm Homme is no stranger to men’s body and eye-recharging products. Its High Recharge Anti-fatigue cold eye-serum, for instance, became quite popular, thanks to its signature Thermal Plankton and Pure Ginseng formula.

Biotherm Homme has now come up with another anti-fatigue invention, also intended for the eye area, named High Recharge Eye Shot.


Although the new product has less radical ingredients, it’s highly effective all the same. The Caffeine, Sericoside and Manganese in it perform together to prevent eye bags and dark circles, while refreshing eye contours simultaneously. It works by giving the eye area an active massage and instant cold effect.

Other than being easy to use, High Recharge Eye Shot is also comes in the form of a gel that feels cool against the skin, soothing the eye area when applied in the morning or night.